About Jazz Nomads

In November 2020 we gave up our rental apartment in Sydney and put our furniture into storage. We didn’t know where we wanted to move to, so we thought we would try out a few places on a temporary basis. We were both working remotely, so it didn’t seem to matter exactly where we lived.

After our first two stays in NSW, we thought it would be good to go and stay in the Darwin area, as we had never been there before. So off we went, via South Australia – and before we knew it we had gone from ‘trying out a few places to live’, to ‘why don’t we carry on doing this for a while’.

At the end of 2021 we decided that South Australia was the best place to live and we ‘settled down’ there for four months in the Port Willunga area. We still think that this is where we will probably end up living, but we decided to carry on exploring Australia for a bit longer, and left SA to head back to NSW to visit friends.

Nowadays, for some reason, not living anywhere actually seems easier and more normal than finding somewhere to rent on a long-term basis, so here we still are – moving around in our car – which is a Honda Jazz.

That makes us ‘Jazz Nomads’, and this website is pretty much just a collection of photo galleries and a list of the places that we have stayed so far.