Does your car have a name?

Yes, the car is called ‘Jeff’, which is short for ‘DJ Jazzy Jeff’ (because it’s a Jazz – get it?!). Note that I am not called ‘The Fresh Prince’.

Are you Grey Nomads?

No, we are not yet grey (well, maybe there’s a couple of grey hairs…) and not yet retired. Unfortunately we still have to work (we both work remotely)

How did you do this during COVID restrictions?

That’s kind of a long story, but the short version is that South Australia and the Northern Territory were pretty much Covid free for the entire pandemic and were mostly without any lockdowns. We only spent one brief week in the Northern Territory where we were in a lockdown, and that was the only time that we had to change any of our plans.

Why did you get such a small car?

We bought the car without knowing that we would end up doing this, but the Jazz is like the Tardis – bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside (well, maybe not technically – but it does have Magic Seats which make packing the car a lot easier) (yes, Magic Seats are a real thing…)

How long does it take to load/unload the car each time?

That depends on how far away the car is parked from the exit of where we are staying. Stairs are a pain, as are lots of doors. It takes a minimum of 14 trips to the car to load up – depending on how much food we currently have and various other factors.

Where is all your stuff that doesn’t fit into the car?

As we don’t own or currently rent anywhere, the rest of our stuff is in a storage unit in Sydney – which we occasionally add to and remove from.

Why haven’t you visited Queensland?

Because Queensland sucks. ONLY JOKING – don’t write in. It’s actually because we already went there on a trip just before we started doing this, and so going back up there is not a priority. We have actually been to Queensland since we’ve been doing this, but it was on a plane as a stopover when we went overseas, and so we don’t count that as part of the Jazz Nomads official journey (yes, we make the rules and we stick to them)

Do you ever go overseas?

Yes, we do – but these trips are not part of the Jazz Nomads official journey and so they don’t appear on this website – you might notice that sometimes the timeline jumps a month or two – that’s when we are overseas. When flying out of Sydney we put our excess stuff in our storage unit and left the car with friends. (parking at Sydney’s airport was quoted at $900…) When flying out of Perth we rented a very small storage unit for the time that we were away and put our excess stuff in there. We left the car at Perth Airport parking which had a deal for $99 for up to 3 months.

When are you going to stop doing this?

We don’t know.