Brighton, Adelaide, SA

Mar / Apr 2023 - 13 days

Brighton was our first stop after leaving Tasmania, and we spent a couple of weeks there just hanging out and going for walks after work. We only had one weekend there and it poured with rain on the Sunday, so we didn’t get out and about much except for a quick trip over to our favourite National Park on the outskirts of Adelaide.

We stayed in part of the top floor of someone’s house in the suburbs, which was very nicely done with a separate entrance and our own parking spot. Brighton is on the coast, and from our door it was less than a ten minute walk to the ocean. Once on the coast, you could walk south towards Seacliff (which we did a couple of times), or north to Glenelg – which we did a lot of times.

The attraction of Glenelg was the Indian restaurant, which took just over an hour to walk to along the coast. After a day at work, what could be better than walking along the coast for an hour, eating delicious Indian food, and then walking back. Yes, we did this many times…

The good

  • Short walk to the beach
  • Indian restaurant in Glenelg
  • Close to supermarkets
  • Nice to be back in Adelaide

The not so good

  • Rain on the weekend
  • No oven