Fern Glade Reserve, TAS

Day Trip From: Camdale, Burnie
December 2022

Fern Glade Reserve is just outside Burnie and so was very quick for us to get to. We went there four times in total, mostly after having been to the supermarket in Burnie.

The reason for the repeated visits was that it is known to be the home of some platypuses – and if fact we saw a platypus on our very first visit! Unfortunately it was very far away and we wanted a better photo, so we kept going back.

There is a 30 minute short walk along the river with a couple of platypus viewing areas, and the walk itself is very nice with plenty of pademelons and Tasmanian native hens, and so we were happy to keep coming back for a stroll and to check for platypuses.

Alas, we never saw another platypus after that first time…