Kalbarri National Park, WA

Day Trip From: Kalbarri
October 2023

Kalbarri National Park surrounds the town of Kalbarri, and we went into the park five times while we were staying there –  three times for the whole day to do long walks, and twice after work for some short walks.

When we had time left over on the longer days, we also squeezed in a few other parts of the park: The Skywalk – which is a metal walkway extending out over the gorge; Hawks Head lookout – a place where you can look for rock wallabies; and the Malleefowl trail – a short walk where you can try and spot Malleefowl.

We were successful in the rock wallaby sighting department, but after two visits to the Mallefowl trail we failed to find a Malleefowl.

However, the most exciting find for us was a Thorny Devil that we spotted on the roadside whilst driving between areas.