Labillardiere Peninsula Walk, TAS

Day Trip From: Bruny Island
January 2023

The Labillardiere Peninsula Walk turned out to be our favourite walk on Bruny – probably because we didn’t see anybody else the whole way around 🙂 We initially thought that this might be because of the long gravel road to get there, that it was a bit out of the way for most people. Having done the walk and then continued a bit further down the road to visit a lighthouse –  we realised that that was definitely not the reason! It was packed!

Anyway, the walk was probably quiet because it was 18km long and took about 6 hours… The first part is a track over scenic headlands, the second part is along beautiful beaches, and the third part is back through the forest to return to the starting point. It was a very hot day, and we were getting a bit tired and thirsty during the third part of the walk – but our spirits were lifted with some great echidna viewing. We also saw FIVE hooded plovers all at the same time – how good is that?