Leven Canyon Reserve, TAS

Day Trip From: Camdale, Burnie
December 2022

Leven Canyon Reserve is about an hour away from Camdale, and has a couple of short walks to view the canyon and river. We took advantage of the late daylight hours in Tasmania and went there after work – armed with sandwiches for dinner.

The loop walk to a couple of canyon viewpoints went through some nice forest and the views of the canyon were pretty impressive. We also liked the set of steps in the forest between the upper and lower viewpoints. It was a great feat of trail building. There was a sign dedicated to the team that built the trail – it took over a year.

A short drive away was the trail to the canyon floor. This walk went down through the forest to a bridge over the river. It connected with a long distance trail for ‘experienced hikers’ only, and so we went down this track for a little while as well. It was a pretty steep and rough track, but the forest was nice and it took us to another part of the river.

On the way back we stopped at Ulverstone to eat our sandwiches on the beach, but it was a bit cold…