Tamar Island Wetlands, TAS

Day Trip From: Riverside, Launceston
January 2023

Tamar Island Wetlands was about a five minute drive from our place in Riverside so we went there a few times, as not only were there lots of birds, there was also a 4km return walk right across the wetlands on a boardwalk and bridges that lead to a small island in the Tamar River.

The Tamar river is tidal, so there was also a lot of variety in the levels of mud that we could see while walking around. It was an excellent walk, and there was always plenty of birds to see – as well as occasional pademelons and snakes. Yeah – snakes are cool! 🙂

The only downside was that it tended to be quite crowded (well, more crowded then we would like!) as it was peak tourist season while we were there.