Valley of the Giants, WA

Day Trip From: Denmark
February 2024

The Valley of the Giants is one of the most famous attractions in the Walpole-Denmark area, and is known for the Tree Top Walk, which is a 600m long set of steel walkways suspended high up in the tree canopy.

Also at the same site as the Tree Top Walk is the ‘Ancient Empire’ walk – a ground level trail passing alongside many large trees. The whole area is famous for its 400-year-old red-tingle trees, which have grown to a huge size.

We arrived at around 9.20am (it opens at 9am), and were glad that we had stopped here first on our day out from Denmark, as it was pretty quiet and we had the walkway almost to ourselves. By the time we left at around 11.15am the place was stuffed full of people.

The Tree Top Walk had an entry fee, which we figured would go towards the cost of maintaining the impressive steel structure. The Ancient Empire walk was free, and there was also a gift shop.