Wentworth, NSW

Day Trip From: Merbein
February 2022

Wentworth was a 15 minute drive from where we were staying in Merbein – but it was also in NSW. For the previous 18 months, crossing any state border had been a risky proposition due to COVID-19 restrictions, which could potentially leave you trapped on the wrong side of the border for where you want to be. In theory these restrictions were now a thing of the past except in WA, but we still felt slightly nervous as we crossed the bridge over the Murray River into NSW!

There was not much in the town of Wentworth itself, but we went to see the spot where the Darling River joins the Murray River, and also just outside of town is Perry Sandhills, a scenic area of shifting sand dunes. We enjoyed the river and the dunes and I can happily report that we made it back into VIC without any problems…