Yalgorup National Park (with Giant), WA

Day Trip From: Palmyra, Perth
February 2024

Yalgorup National Park is around 120km south of Perth and we made a stop here on the way from Perth to Margaret River.

We stopped here to see some thrombolites – which are the earliest form of life found on earth and are only found in a few places around the world. The thrombolites in the park at Lake Clifton are around 2000 years old, but thrombolites as a life form have existed for around 3,500 million years?!

Also in the park was one of Thomas Dambo’s ‘Giant’ sculptures, of which there are 6 scattered around the Mandurah area. We had previously visited a few of these giants back in April.

When we arrived at the park it said that the giant was closed due to fire risk, but the trail that passed close by to the giant was open, so we walked along that trail, and it turned out the giant wasn’t closed after all.