Fairfield Heights, Sydney, NSW

Jun 2022 - 4 days

We chose to stay in the Fairfield area because it was on the way to the Blue Mountains – our next stop – but more importantly it was the home of La Paula, also known as Paula Continental Cakes – which is in fact a Chilean cafe where you can get deep fried empanadas done in the Chilean style, as well as a few other Chilean specialities. Fairfield is also the home of La Torre – where you can get Argentinian cakes and other stuff, and also there is a Latin American supermarket there. This stuff is all there because back in the day Fairfield was home to a substantial Latin American community.

Nowadays it is home to a large Iraqi community, and so as a bonus we got to eat lots of delicious Iraqi bread, as well as the usual trips to the Latin American places (yes, we have been there a few times before when we lived in Sydney).

We stayed in a pub/hotel which included a free schooner, so we took advantage of that offer. Besides eating Chilean food and Iraqi bread we also managed to get ourselves Typhoid vaccinations for our upcoming trip overseas.

The good

  • La Paula Chilean cafe
  • Iraqi bread

The not so good

  • Small motel room located up some stairs