Hawks Nest, NSW

Mar 2022 - 10 days

We went to Hawks Nest as we remembered it as being a really nice place – which it was, except that it pretty much poured with rain the whole ten days that we were there. There was only one sunny day which was when we first arrived, with the rest of the time being either torrential rain, or dry cloudy spells interspersed with heavy showers. Yeah thanks ‘triple-dip La Niña’…

Because of this, everywhere was sodden, muddy, and flooded – so we were pretty much restricted to beach walks, and walks around the town. There was a bush trail near our house which was dry enough to walk on sometimes, and we also took a walk over the bridge to Tea Gardens.

Our accommodation was the back part of a house in suburbia, with the front part either occupied by the owner or someone else on a short term rental. The owner got off to a bad start by telling us that nobody would be in the other part of the house, and then a day later people turned up. The hot water also seemed to run out every time we did any washing up in the evening.

On the plus side we saw a dingo! Apparently there are quite a few around – there were signs warning not to feed them. There was also a couple of tawny frogmouths living in a tree around the corner from our house, and it was always nice to see them.

The good

  • Dingo and Tawny Frogmouth
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Very peaceful

The not so good

  • Rain, rain, rain
  • Shared outside space and entrance area
  • Hot water kept running out