Lara (Geelong), VIC

Mar 2023 - 1 day

Lara is about 20km from Geelong, the city where the ferry from Tasmania arrives. Our ferry was due to dock at 8:30pm, but it left an hour late from Tasmania, and so we didn’t actually drive off the ferry until around 10pm.

We would have booked a place in Geelong to stay, but being a Saturday night in summer(ish), every place that didn’t cost a fortune was already booked – even though we booked two months ahead. Yes, I’m blaming the people of Melbourne for their weekends away…

So we found this place in Lara, which was a room at the back of a person’s house in the suburbs of Lara. To get to the room we had to walk around the back of the house on the deck and enter through a sliding a door. This meant a bit of a pain dragging our luggage around the back.

Anyway, the room itself was as nice as a decent motel room, but we didn’t really spend any time there as we arrived at about 10:30pm and then had to leave at 9am the next morning for an eight hour drive to Adelaide.

The drive to Adelaide the next day went pretty well, with a stop at the Giant Koala, and a really nice lunch stop by a lake in the middle of nowhere.