Lugarno, Sydney, NSW

Oct / Nov 2022 - 32 days

We had a great stay in Lugarno, which is a suburb on the Georges River in the south of Sydney. Nobody we know from Sydney had ever heard of it before – including us! We stayed in a very spacious apartment which was the bottom floor of a house, with the owners living upstairs. It had its own seperate entrance and we were very comfortable there, with an extra bedroom for CC to use as an office.

We used our time here to visit friends and to attend various appointments with the dentist and the physio – and there was some bushland nearby, so was pretty good for workday break walks.

The first weekend that we were there, we went on walk to the nearby suburb of Mortdale and discovered a Sri Lankan restaurant – that was it, we were hooked! Once we found out that they had different nights with different specials, we ended up going once a week. It was a great way to end the day, as the walk there was an hour and quarter mostly through bushland and Lime Kiln wetlands reserve, and the walk back along the suburban streets was about an hour – we required at least that amount of time to digest the vast quantity of food that we had consumed 🙂

Also nearby was Oatley Park, another good place for walks – and for the first time since coming back to the east coast it didn’t actually rain most of the time!

The good

  • The Lankan Railway Cafe, Mortdale
  • Oatley Park and Lime Kiln wetlands
  • The spacious apartment
  • Great weather


The not so good

  • Ten minute drive / one hour walk to main shops and public transport