Macquarie Park, Sydney, NSW

Jun 2022 - 8 days

We stayed in Macquarie Park mostly because it was good value – which is very hard to find in Sydney. The apartment was nice and spacious and had its own parking spot, but like all old Sydney apartments wasn’t very well insulated and so could be a bit cold at times.

While we were here we booked our first trip overseas since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and went to our storage unit in Homebush to retrieve some things that we might need that we hadn’t be carrying with us.

The unit was walking distance to some parts of Lane Cove National Park, so we had a few strolls in there, as well as a walk around the nearby neighbourhoods. On the weekend we took a trip down to Newtown and Marrickville for a bit of a walk around as well.

The good

  • Nice apartment with its own car parking space
  • Walking distance to parts of Lane Cove National Park

The not so good

  • Apartment was pretty cold
  • Not very interesting suburb to walk around