Malabar, Sydney, NSW

Jun / Jul 2022 - 10 days

Malabar was our last stay in Sydney before heading overseas for a bit (apart from a night in a hotel near the airport), and we had a nice one-bedroom place which had been constructed as a kind of granny flat behind a house in the suburbs.

It was located only a short stroll down a hill to Malabar Beach, which meant that you could walk along the coast in both directions. Next to the beach was the Malabar Headland National Park, with some nice bush and coastal walks and a trail that finished up in Maroubra Beach.

It would have been a great stay for nice long walks, except for two things – torrential rain for three days (over 100mm a day with gale force winds), and the fact that we both had pretty bad colds (at least it wasn’t COVID-19)

We managed a few nice strolls when it wasn’t pouring with rain and we didn’t feel terrible, and did some planning for our upcoming trip overseas.

The good

  • Malabar Headlands National Park
  • Great location near a beach

The not so good

  • Massive rain storm
  • Not feeling very well
  • A bit far to the shops