Parramatta, Sydney, NSW

Sep 2022 - 2 days

Our stay at the Parramatta Holiday Inn was an unplanned stay – we were meant to be staying with friends in the Blue Mountains – and they were due to pick us up from the airport after we got back from our overseas trip to Malaysia and the UK.

But guess what?! Yes, I got the dreaded COVID, and we had to cancel that plan and find somewhere to stay in Sydney on a Saturday night at the last minute. The Parramatta Holiday Inn was pretty much the only place left that wasn’t over $300 a night…

I spent two days feeling rough and mostly lying in bed, while CC spent two days waiting to catch COVID from me, getting supplies, and going for the odd walk.

The good

  • The bed was big

The not so good

  • COVID-19
  • It cost a lot
  • All our plans were messed up