Streaky Bay, SA

Apr 2023 - 6 days

Streaky Bay was a long (8 hours plus) drive from Adelaide with stops at Kimba to see the famous ‘Big Galah’, and anywhere else at all that had a toilet (towns were few and far between). It was also our last stop before the 2000km drive across the Nullabor Plain to Perth – which we were planning to do over the Easter weekend taking three days.

We had a nice little unit less than a minute’s walk from the waterside, which was a very sheltered and tidal bay. At low tide you could barely see the water in the distance as it was so far away, but it was still very scenic, and there was a nice walkway which we walked along during work breaks.

A short drive away was the Cape Bauer Peninsula, with wild beaches and rugged cliffs. This was a dramatic and beautiful area, and we drove there after work a couple of times for some long walks.

The main downside of our stay was that when we arrived we discovered two mice running around the unit. Even after hiding all of our food in sealed plastic tubs and trying to chase them out, it took them three days to leave… (or maybe they were still there, but they just got better at hiding from us…)

The good

  • The beaches of Cape Bauer Peninsula
  • Light and spacious unit with good cooking facilities

The not so good

  • Mice in the house for the first three days
  • Had to provide our own 4G internet