Wherrol Flat, NSW

Mar / Apr 2022 - 10 days

Our friends’ place in Wherrol Flat is not the best place to arrive in a 2WD low clearance car when it’s been raining for weeks and is still drizzling. However, that is what we did… Before arrival, we purchased gumboots to protect us from the sodden, waterlogged ground – and they certainly came in useful as it had pretty much rained for the entire summer in NSW.

The road leading there is a narrow 3km of gravel and dirt with several cattle grids – and after all the rain, with an awful lot of water-filled potholes. We had a contingency plan to leave our car at the start of this road at one of our friends’ friends’ houses, but we made it down the road without having to do this.

Unfortunately this was not the case with our friends’ driveway, which is mostly dirt and has a couple of hills on it. Although the driveway is only several hundred metres long, we couldn’t make it up the first muddy hill without our wheels spinning furiously and sliding backwards, so we had to park the car at the edge of the driveway and transfer all of our luggage in our friends’ vehicle to the house.

Thankfully we then had about 5 days of minimal rain, and the driveway dried out enough for us to drive and park next to the house, so that we could load up more easily when we left.

During our stay we mostly just worked and went for walks on the property, but there was also a party where the neighbours came over, and a home-made stout tasting session.