Bentley, Perth, WA

May 2023 - 1 day

We stayed in Bentley because it was close to the airport, and we were about to depart for an overseas trip. As we were in Perth, the travel arrangements were a little more complicated than from Sydney – as we had no storage unit to leave our excess stuff, and no friends or relatives here to leave our car with.

However, Perth Airport had a bargain offer of $99 for car parking at the airport for up to 3 months, and so we took this offer up and drove to the airport – leaving our car there while we were away. We also rented a very small storage unit to put our stuff in while the car was at the airport.

As a bonus, Bentley was home to some Indian Supermarkets and so we stocked up on Indian microwavable meals to eat when we got back. We left them along with some food containers in the boot of the car while it was at the airport.