Arm End Reserve, TAS

Day Trip From: Snug
February 2023

We had first seen Arm End Reserve over a month previously from the cliffs in the Kingston area. The reserve is at the tip of South Arm, a curved peninsula that is visible from many parts of Hobart and the area around it. To get to Arm End Reserve you have to drive all the way down the ‘arm’, and around the corner. The shape of the peninsula means that although we could see the reserve less than 10km away from Kingston, the road to get there is around 60km long and passes through Hobart.

The reserve has a loop walk out to the very tip of the peninsula and back which takes a couple of hours, and offers really nice views in all directions. We had a bit of an overcast day for our walk and thought that we had been lucky with only a few spots of rain – until we were only 10 minutes away from the car and it poured down 🙁