Coogee and Bibra Lake, WA

Day Trip From: Rockingham
April 2023

It was a wild, rainy, and windy day and also pretty cold – but we decided to go out anyway and headed for the Coogee area – the bit of coast south of Fremantle which has some beach areas and recreational reserves.

We briefly went to Coogee Beach and CY O’Connor Beach before we decided that it was too wet and windy to be on the coast and headed inland to Bibra Lake. Bibra Lake was calmer weather-wise and we saw a lot of birdlife and went for a short walk through a grass tree area and to the lakeshore.

After that we returned to the coast and went to the artificial Ngarkal Beach in North Coogee – part of a marina style complex. It started raining so we went for a coffee in the nearby Dome restaurant (yeah, not the best coffee…)