Kalbarri National Park – The Loop, WA

Day Trip From: Kalbarri
October 2023

The Loop is one of the more well-known trails in Kalbarri National Park – mainly because of a very famous rock feature called ‘Nature’s Window’ which is near the start of the walk.

Lots of people just come to look at Nature’s Window, but the whole trail is a 9km loop which starts along the top of a deep gorge overlooking the Murchison River, and then goes down to the river for a while before returning to the top of the gorge to complete the loop.

It took us around five hours to complete, and although it was pretty hot in the gorge (around 34 degrees), apparently in the summer it sometimes reaches 50 degrees and you are not allowed to start after 7.30am (there have been a couple of deaths in the past apparently)