kunanyi (Mt Wellington), TAS

Day Trip From: Cygnet
January 2023

The last time that we were in Tasmania – 9 years ago – we went to the top of kunanyi / Mt Wellington and it was 3 degrees with 50km/h winds. This time we were determined not to make that mistake and we picked a day where supposedly there would be good weather at the summit – which is at an altitude of 1270m. That day happened to be New Year’s Day, which meant that it was pretty quiet in the morning, but not so quiet in the afternoon…

We decided to start by driving to the peak (yes, you can drive to the peak, hence the crowds…) and then walking down under the famous Organ Pipes rock formation. When we arrived at the peak it was cold, windy, and cloudy. By the time we got back to the peak after our walk, it was warm and sunny – but rammed with thousands of tourists!

After the Organ Pipes track we walked down to the Springs – where there was a coffee shop – which turned out to be closed – yeah thanks Google for nothing… There was also nowhere to refill our water bottles, so by the time we arrived back at the top we were slightly grumpy and thirsty. Luckily for us we always carry coffee and water in the car.. 🙂