Penguin Island, WA

Day Trip From: Rockingham
May 2023

Penguin Island is a small uninhabited island about 10 minutes by ferry from Rockingham. As its name suggests, the island is home to a colony of Little Penguins and there is also a 1.5km walking trail around the island.

At the time of our visits, there was also a Penguin Discovery Centre which was home to some rescued and orphaned penguins. At the centre we listened to a talk about the penguin colony and were able to watch the penguins swimming and walking around. It’s difficult to see penguins in the wild during daylight hours and so this was a great opportunity to see them up close. The centre is now permanently closed though.

As we were staying in Rockingham very close to where the ferry departed from, and also because CC’s mum really likes penguins a lot – we visited the island twice. There was a lot of other birdlife on the island and great views from the walking trail – which we walked a couple of times. There was also a nice picnic area where we ate our sandwiches that we had brought over for lunch.