Quamby Bluff, TAS

Day Trip From: Riverside, Launceston
January 2023

This day trip was a bit of a failure – as we set out to go on the Meander Falls walk – but when we drove all the way up there to the middle of nowhere, we found that the road and the walk was closed. So we changed plan and headed for Liffey Falls. Yes, you guessed it, that was also closed!

On the way, we had seen a sign for something called ‘Quamby Bluff’ – the only thing in the area that didn’t seem closed. So after two failed destinations and a coffee stop, we finally started on a walk that we knew nothing about (phone signal was patchy in the area, so we couldn’t look anything up…)  at around midday. The weather was cold and overcast and so by the time we set off we weren’t in the best mood.. 🙂

The early part of the trail had a lot of fallen trees over it, and the trail hadn’t been re-routed yet – so we spent a while trying to figure out where the hell to go, before the trail settled into a gradual uphill climb through a mossy, boulder-covered forest. After about an hour we came out at a massive steep boulder field where we had lunch and decided to call it day before going back down.

On the way home we visited Deloraine where we looked for platypus in the river. There were none to be found, and once more we were thwarted by a ‘closed’ sign – blocking us from completing our loop walk along the river, and making us retrace our steps.

CC’s verdict on the day was: ‘disappointing’.