Sturt Gorge Recreational Park, SA

Day Trip From: Glenalta, Adelaide
January 2022

We did a long walk in this park as a day trip, but because it was very close we also went a couple of times for short walks in the afternoon. The park is made up of an area around the Sturt Gorge, and also from some former farmland. The former farmland area is close to the edge of suburban housing and has a lot of mountain bike trails and not very many trees – but this area also has a nice lake with a circular walking trail around it that does contain trees – and also sometimes Koalas in those trees! 🙂

The gorge part is a bit more scenic, with steep tree-covered sides – and in the middle of the park there is a big dam. This area is where we did our all day walk. The park feels fairly ‘wild’ considering it’s pretty much inside the suburbs of Adelaide!