Trevallyn Recreation Area, TAS

Day Trip From: Riverside, Launceston and Hillwood
January 2023

Trevallyn Recreation Area was a ten minute drive from our place in Riverside and we went there quite a few times after work. In fact we liked it so much that we went there once all the way from Hillwood as well. It consists of a small network of walking and mountain biking trails in the forest adjoining the Cataract Gorge area.

There is a car park at Trevallyn Dam where the South Esk trail to Deadmans Hollow Lookout starts (yes, cool name!) (about 40 minutes one way), and also in the other direction a trail to Aquatic Point (not such a cool name…) (about 30 minutes one way).

The area was full of echidnas – we saw one pretty much every time that we went there! There was also a tree near the car park with tawny frogmouths nesting in it. We also saw plenty of wallabies, a few birds, and hundreds and hundreds of cicadas who were constantly peeing on us (yes, we had to look it up – they do pee on you…)