Fremantle, Perth, WA

Nov / Dec 2023 - 32 days

Fremantle was our last stay in the Perth area before heading overseas for a bit. We booked a month in a small unit near the centre of town. During our time in ‘Freo’, CC went to visit NSW for a bit – and while she was away I went for walks to pretty much the same places as CC did when alone in Hamilton Hill (which is only 4km away)

As we had spent so much time in the area already we only went out on one day trip – which was to Wadjemup (Rottnest Island). We spent most of our time in Freo walking around the area looking at street art, and drinking beer at various breweries.

Longer walks took us across the Swan River to North Fremantle and onwards from there.

On our departure day, we put our stuff into storage before going to the airport, and also stopped at Bibra Lake and finally got a good view of some pink-eared ducks.

The good

  • Central location near lots of shops
  • Lots of breweries around
  • Interesting street art
  • Sunny, dry weather for the whole time

The not so good

  • Apartment was very cluttered and not so clean
  • Freo very crowded on weekends
  • Too many dog beaches
  • Quite far to walk to some nice coastline