Merbein, VIC

Feb / Mar 2022 - 14 days

We went to Merbein because it was on the way to NSW. We were heading back to NSW for the first time in over a year to do some visiting of friends and to drop off some stuff at our storage unit. We decided to stay for two weeks in Merbein because we were hoping that it might have stopped raining in NSW by the time we got there…

Despite being chosen for no other reason than it was ‘on the way’, we had a nice time in Merbein. It was our last stop by the Murray River and there was a nice lagoon to walk around about a five minute drive from where we were staying. We stayed in a kind of ‘cottage’ in someone’s garden – but it was very self-contained with its own driveway and a nice outside table.

Merbein was a 20 minute drive from Mildura, so we went there a couple of times – including once where we had a ‘disappointing’ Malaysian meal.

The good

  • Merbein Common
  • Outside space to eat lunch

The not so good

  • Had to drive to get anywhere
  • Lunch at Tom’s Place (Malaysian restaurant) in Mildura was disappointing