Palmyra, Perth, WA

Feb 2024 - 4 days

Palmyra was our first stay after coming back from an overseas trip, and it was chosen because it was cheap (for Perth), had cooking facilities, and was spacious enough for us to repack (we have different bags for overseas trips).

We only had three days there, two of which were working days, so we pretty much just felt tired, repacked our stuff, and bought some shopping supplies.

Palmyra is a suburb just outside Fremantle, so we were back in the same area again. It was far enough away from Freo though, that we could walk to a different part of the Swan River after work – which is what we did.

It also happens to be close to Fremantle Cemetery, and we paid a visit to the grave of Bon Scott – former lead singer of AC / DC.

The good

  • Plenty of space to sort our stuff out
  • Able to walk to the river

The not so good

  • We were very tired and jet-lagged