Quinns Rocks, Perth, WA

Oct 2023 - 14 days

After our trip to Kalbarri we spent about 8 weeks in the Greater Perth area, and this was the first of three stays during this time.

Quinns Rocks is 40km north of Perth and pretty much at the outer edge of suburban Perth. We stayed in a granny flat type place which had been built above a garage of a very large house in the suburbs. It was a really nice place with a balcony and patio.

It was only a five minute walk to the ocean and it was easy to do walks up and down the coastline in both directions after work.

While we were there we also visited Yanchep National Park, Walyunga National Park and John Forrest National Park.

The good

  • Nice accommodation
  • Good coastal location
  • Lots of snake sightings
  • Close to National Parks

The not so good

  • Windy with lots of flies
  • Car-oriented, bland suburbs all around