Summer Hill, Sydney, NSW

Apr 2022 - 5 days

This was a brief stay in Sydney to meet up with some friends, and also to eat and drink at a couple of our favourite places – Kings Corner Thai in Five Dock, and Mas Tinto Colombian in Stanmore. Of course we also managed to walk around a lot drinking fancy coffee and visiting craft beer places.

We also used our time here to drop off some things in our storage unit in Homebush that we had been carrying around for over a year and weren’t using.

The place that we stayed in was pretty much a converted garden shed in the back garden of a suburban house in Summer Hill. It was very nicely done, but was a bit small and had limited cooking facilities. The location in Summer Hill was really good as we could walk to a lot of places in the Inner West, and the owners were very friendly.

The good

  • Kings Corner Thai Restaurant
  • Mas Tinto Colombian Restaurant
  • Long walks in the Inner West

The not so good

  • The East Coast rain continued
  • Accommodation was a bit small
  • Parking was a bit difficult – only available on the side of the street if there was space