Wentworthville, Sydney, NSW

Sep 2022 - 7 days

We booked this stay while we were overseas, and luckily it was just outside Parramatta, so we didn’t have to go far from our previous unplanned stop at the Parramatta Holiday Inn to get there.

This was the week in Sydney that we had dentist and physio appointments booked – which of course had to be cancelled because now we both had COVID – with CC catching it three days after me. We spent this week lying around the unit complaining about having COVID, and wondering when we would be fully better.

By the end of the week, we were both quite a lot better, and we were reunited with the JAZZ NOMAD car which I went to pick up from a car park in Penrith where our friends had driven it down to.

We quite liked the Wentworthville area, but didn’t really have any time to do anything due to being inside with COVID most of the time. We did manage to gorge ourselves on Indian sweets and go for a walk to the Parramatta river – but that was about it.

The good

  • Indian sweets
  • Nice unit with outside space in the sun

The not so good

  • Having COVID-19