Wherrol Flat, NSW

May / Jun 2022 - 25 days

Our friends were going on holiday, and they have cows and budgies. So we became house, cow and budgie sitters while they were away. Both cows and budgies were fairly low maintenance, with the budgies being fed once a day and put to bed, and the cows eating the grass on the hills, with only an occasional feeding of hay.

We did the ‘cow count’ each day, and at least one of the cows usually liked to hide in a far away corner – but that gave us more hill-climbing exercise, so we should be thanking the cows.

The property has a 4km loop track which we tried to walk most days, and we also wandered around a bit trying to take photos of the many birds on the property.

The only drama came when a big storm blew over several trees on the property, including one that damaged a fence which separated cows from the back wilderness area of the property – so we had to make sure that the cows were in a different area from this, as the back area contained ‘invader’ cows from the neighbour’s property which had come through holes in the fence right at the back of the wilderness area.