Around Hobart, TAS

Day Trip From: Snug
February 2023

It was around a 40 minute drive from our place in Snug to Hobart, and we ended up going there or passing through a few times. We found a parking area by the shore at Sandy Bay which was free all day and only a 25 minute walk to the centre of Hobart, and we used this as our base whenever we had to do anything in town (mostly me going to the dentist…).

We also went over the Tasman Bridge to the east side of Hobart for some walks along that shore at Bellerive and Tranmere, as well as back to kunanyi / Mt Wellington for another walk in Wellington Park starting from Lenah Valley.

And finally we visited Puddleduck Winery for some wine-tasting – which is really closer to Richmond that to Hobart, but I’m not too strict about what I put down on these day trip entries… 🙂