Keppel Lookout Trail, VIC

Day Trip From: Doreen, Melbourne
December 2022

This day trip was a bit more of a drive from Doreen (just under 90 minutes to nearby Marysville), but it was a great circular walk of about four hours taking in quite a few good viewpoints and the very impressive Steavenson Falls – one of the tallest waterfalls in Victoria.

It was a hot 30 degrees or so, but there was a fair bit of shade on the walk so wasn’t too bad going. Not only did we see an echidna, but we also got a great view of a Lowland Copperhead snake slithering across the path near the waterfalls!

The area near the falls was quite crowded, but the rest of trail was very peaceful with not many walkers. All in all this was a really enjoyable walk, and we rounded it off with a nice cold drink and a warm doughnut at the bakery in Marysville.