Port Sorell and Mersey Bluff, TAS

Day Trip From: Hillwood
January 2023

We were running out of ideas for new places to go for day trips from our stays in the Tamar Valley, so we decided to head over to Port Sorell for no particular reason. It was a hot and sunny Sunday during the school holidays and Port Sorell is on the coast – so unsurprisingly it was pretty busy.

But we were pleasantly surprised to be able to walk off away from the crowds for a nice long stroll along a pretty empty beach covered in tiny little crabs that had made holes in the sand. At the end of the beach we decided to cut inland to the town area and look for some refreshments. After we had a drink and cake stop we headed back to where we started and found another small walkway across a bridge. This walkway headed out onto a big sand flat which was also very nice to walk around.

We then headed over to Coles Beach, near Devonport where we had sandwiches for lunch and walked to Mersey Bluff, which had a lighthouse, a fancy cafe, and large crowds of people. We liked the cafe and the lighthouse, but not all the people 🙂