Denmark, WA

Feb 2024 - 7 days

We stayed in Denmark for a week so that we could visit the Walpole wilderness area and see the famous big trees. It turned out that there were quite a lot of other things to do as well, and we also visited Mount Lindesay National Park, Kooryunderup (Mount Hallowell), and William Bay National Park while we were here.

The town itself has a population of around 3000, and as we were there during the off-season, it also wasn’t very overrun with tourists (apparently visitor numbers get pretty huge during peak season).

We stayed in a custom-built cottage behind someone’s house on the edge of town. There was a nice treetop view from the window and it was a short walk to the shops. It was also possible to walk along the Denmark River from our house to where the river met Wilson Inlet – which we did a couple of times after work.

The good

  • National Parks nearby
  • Nice forest all around Denmark
  • Close to coast as well as forest


The not so good

  • Local brewery was a bit too far to walk and was on main highway