West Hobart, TAS

Feb / Mar 2023 - 13 days

West Hobart was our ‘city based’ stop in Tasmania, and because Hobart is only 40 minutes away from where we stayed the previous month in Snug, it kind of felt like we didn’t really move to a new area (we had also visited Hobart a few times from Snug)

So we pretty much left the car parked in the driveway of where we were staying and didn’t do any day trips out. We walked to a bunch of craft breweries, the botanical gardens, a nearby bushland reserve, and also did a long(ish) walk up to the top of Mount Nelson (around 3.5 hours return from our unit)

I also went to the dentist a bunch of times, and CC went to her local office – so you could also call this an ‘administration’ type stop. After work we pretty much just walked towards the centre of town, out the other side of town, and then back via a different route. (The centre of Hobart is not very big!)

The place we stayed was a unit which was part of a block of four units – with the owner living in one of them, and his son in another one. The other two units were on airbandb. Our stay there was marred a bit by noisy renovations upstairs, and an inexplicable lack of a freezer in the apartment, even though there was one in the photos when we booked.

Ah well, the front room was nice and light-filled and had a good view over Hobart.

The good

  • Light-filled front room with a view
  • Off-street parking
  • Walkable to the centre of Hobart

The not so good

  • Noisy renovations
  • No freezer
  • Uncomfortable kitchen chairs
  • Place was a bit dusty