Lauderdale, TAS

Day Trip From: Snug
January 2023

We first went to Lauderdale with LB when she visited, as it was close to Hobart Airport, so we could go for a walk and have a big breakfast before we dropped her off. Both Lauderdale and the breakfast exceeded our expectations!

Lauderdale sits on a thin strip of land at the top of the South Arm, and is the site of a failed canal which was meant to be an 800m shortcut which would avoid the need to go around the South Arm. It was started in 1914, but by 1927 they had given up as it kept filling with sand. Nowadays it looks a bit bizarre as one end looks like a normal canal, but the other end suddenly stops with about 100m to go to get to the ocean.

Before we dropped LB at the airport we had a walk along the long beach, went along the canal and had breakfast, and then went for a coastal cliff walk to Seven Mile Beach.

The breakfast was so good at Ventura Cafe that we went back a few weeks later on the way to Arm End Reserve, and one final time when we left Hobart.