Kalbarri, WA

Sep / Oct 2023 - 7 days

We went to Kalbarri for a week to use it as a base to visit the nearby Kalbarri National Park.

We stayed in an Airbnb which was some converted rooms inside a suburban house – but with a separate entrance. It was very clean and comfortable.

Our suburb was a 40 minute walk from the main part of Kalbarri where the supermarket was, but it was also possible to walk back from there along some beautiful beaches – which only took 20 minutes longer.

Opposite our place was a large area of bushland, and occasionally emus would venture out from there into the suburbs.

The good

  • Clean and comfortable accommodation
  • Emus roaming the suburbs
  • Beautiful beaches nearby
  • Access to National Park
  • Found a Thorny Devil in the National Park

The not so good

  • Didn’t find a Malleefowl in the National Park