Saddleworth, SA

Dec 2021 - 10 days

Saddleworth was part one of our two part stay to cover the Christmas holidays, and was chosen because it was good value and nobody else wanted to spend Christmas there! 🙂 It’s located around 100km from Adelaide and has a population of around 500 people. Yes, it’s very small!

We had a lovely cottage all to ourselves with an outside dining area under a grapevine covered trellis, and citrus fruit trees in the garden. It was hot and sunny every day and we very much enjoyed eating our lunch outside and going for an afternoon stroll when it got cooler in the afternoons. We went to nearby Winkler park every day via a trail going past the grain depo – and that was pretty much all we did besides eat, read, and work on the work days.

We had one day out to nearby Riverton for a bit of a trail walk, and the occasional visit to Riverton Duck Pond. We also had a trip out to a craft beer place for lunch and beer tasting (yes, we always find one…)

The good

  • Lovely cottage with garden and fruit trees
  • Winkler Park

The not so good

  • A long way to get anywhere else